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Most of us love pineapple fruit and besides it tastes great in mixed drinks, doesn’t it.  Although pineapple is a delicious fruit, it has many unexpected benefits you probably didn’t know about. Here are the reasons you should always put on your shopping list. It is packed with vitamins and minerals; pineapples are loaded with vitamin

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In a bid to eliminate malnutrition by 2020, Rwanda has embraced the alternative of the using the orange sweet potato to fight to improve its citizens nutrition status. Rwanda and the International Potato Center (CIP) launched a project dubbed “Scaling up Sweet potato Through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN”) among Innovative ways to c

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Vitamin C is essential for normal growth and maintenance of most of the tissues of your body, including collagen, which is needed for healthy connective tissue and wound healing. Vitamin C also helps bones and teeth to stay strong. It's also necessary to make certain neurotransmitters and for protein metabolism and so a persons’ immun

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Vinegar is widely used as a salad dressing in Rwanda than for its medicinal properties that may require you to start stashing it in the medicine cabinet as well as the kitchen cupboard. This staple ingredient can do more than dress salads and make pickles, it's also a fabulous all-in-one beauty product for all of you natural beauties on a bu

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How many times have you called ”Pasta”, Macaroni? I know you lost count! This is a common mistake here in Rwanda where people refer to Pasta as Macaroni or Spaghetti. Macaroni, is one type of pasta, the word derives from the Sicilian language and means manipulating dough with energy, and Spaghetti is just a plural form of pasta. The d

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[caption id="attachment_2471" align="alignnone" width="500"] Vegetarian or meat-eater[/caption] This is one of the most open-ended, fluid and emotionally intense debates that we have observed over the last years. One of the reasons is the diverse range of topics it encompasses, which are still in a way unresolved and these include; health, nu

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The traditional Rwandan diet, with its focus on vitamin-rich beans and heart-healthy starches like cassava and sweet potato, is actually incredibly good for you. What isn’t good for your body and health are some of the Western-style foods that have been adopted by Rwandans over the years. Some of these foods claim to be healthy, but although the

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Along with mangos and bananas, avocados are one of the fruits that thrive in Rwanda. They are extremely easy to cut up and place alongside a meal, or just use as a snack. Avocados are mostly eaten plain, and they taste good that way. But there are also many other ways that the versatile avocado can be eaten. If you are an avocado-lover, or if you are growing tired of using it as just a garnish, here are ten new ways you can make use of this vitamin-filled fruit! Use it on toast Mashed avocado
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[caption id="attachment_2170" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Leafy foods have numerous health benefits[/caption] What is the healthiest food in the world? Is it meat, or milk? Surprisingly, no. According to scientists, the foods that have the most nutrition for their weight are leafy greens like spinach, lettuce and cabbage. These leafy greens

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To some people, eating meat is eating healthy and people who are not privileged to enjoy this meal often tend to like it so much. On the contrary, vegetables are much more important to human health than eating meat every day. Though meat is considered a healthy component of a balanced diet, it poses health risks if your diet contains too muc