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 Green corner restaurant is another place to eat out for buffet or make an order on any grilled meat, chicken, fish and bar services.   Although the place has good services, a lot is yet to be improved Its location is just opposite Amahoro stadium on the road that heads to Kimironko. Green corner offers buffet for lunch during wee

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City Lounge Breakfast has a serene and chic place in town. Full of doubts however, I try it out and to my surprise the place is cool and affordable than expected. Kigali City Lounge Breakfast was good with a wide range of menu to choose from. The staff were warm-hearted and friendly. It’s located right opposite I&M bank in Kigali to

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Direct bread sales point offers you true but rare scenery of watching your food being prepared after pressing an order while you wait assured of quick service. Direct Bread sales point is located at Gisiment, Kigali opposite Rwanda’s old and famous Hotel Chez Lando and next to Ndoli super market, while the main bakery is located in Kicukir

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This joint looks like your average Kigali eatery, what makes it outstanding is the local fresh food that is served there. At Nectar Café restaurant you’ll be impressed by their waiters and waitress who are always smartly dressed and attentive. The manager of the restaurant hangs around to make sure all customers are well catered for.

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Finding a serene place to dine in Remera commonly known as Giporoso is not an easy task considering how chaotic and busy the place is. However, Viva Restaurant seems to be defying the odds. Anyone who knows Kigali city well enough is sure to have been to, or at least heard of a place called Giporoso-Remera. This place can best be described as on

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Aromas Coffee shop a small eatery on Kimironko opposite Kigali institute of Education is a popular eat out with food especially with its great pastries. The place has been around for more than a couple of years and has in time developed a loyal clientele that will move from their work places to have a taste of their food. . [caption id="attac

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New Fiesta is a kind of place ideal to eat from during the lunch time rush hour. It’s also a good stop-over if you want to grab a quick bite, or rest while you take something cold to quench your thirst. New Fiesta is strategically located in the heart of Kisementi area, the place is loved by good food lovers and foreigners who like the taste of

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[caption id="attachment_2359" align="aligncenter" width="530"] Aromas Coffee is an easy to access, comfortable eatery[/caption] The Aromas coffee joint looks like your average Kigali eatery. It is a small eatery in front of Kigali college of Education in Kimironko city suburb in the same building with EWSA.  The coffee is amazing and the food i

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Nyuma y’ibyumweru bibiri amacumbi aciriritse yakira abantu mu karere ka Rubavu agera kuri 30 afunzwe n’akarere, amwe muri yo yaba agiye kongera gufungura imiryango. Nkuko byumvikanyweho mu nama yahuje ubuyobozi bw’akarere ka Rubavu n’abafite amazu acumbikira abantu muri ako karere, ngo abafite amacumbi yujuje ibisabwa mu kwakira abantu bir

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  Mebs Kara a Tanzanian national has lived most of his life with a passion of becoming a successful business man. He therefore decided to travel around the world in Search of business opportunities. After completing his studies in Tanzania, he moved to Zambia where he spent 10 years and later moved to Canada where he spent 35, with 32 years of ex