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We have been reading of success stories of women who are doing so great while growing mushrooms in rural Rwanda and some of us wonder what is that about. Apparently, we are missing out on great nutrients found in different varieties of mushrooms. In fact we should be consuming more mushrooms either boiled, flied or in soup, so it is ok to ask fo

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Rwandans are more eating out, and more and more of food decisions are being driven by two things: budget and health. A good diet marries these two trends. It shows you how to make nutritious meals that everyone in the family will love and get them on the table quickly without spending more than 500frw a day. Try to cut down on the ingredients and still get the most nutrition bang for your day. There many ways that will help you cut down on your food cost including: a couple of vegetarian meals in your m
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If you are to go shopping for groceries, the following tips can alert you on how to save some big a mount off the grocery bills. Are you ready to start trimming the fat off your food bills and stop shopping for the things you will find not important later in the day? A Little Homework; do some planning before you head off to the supermarke