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Gisagara district started the construction of its Guest House last year 2013 and reportedly expected to the reduce expenses, taking care of guests in Huye district who in turn will add up to the district income.

The district has been lacking in hotels and accommodation places for a long time and would even send its visitors to Huye town for better accommodation but soon this will never happen with the construction of the guest house.

This Guest House is situated in Gisagara Trading Center in Ndora sector near the district’s head offices.

The construction of the guest house is almost done

The construction of the guest house is almost done


Apart from this Guest House being a solution to the reception of visitors as well as boosting the tourism in the district, it will be the solution to people who desire good food from nice places.

Uwimana Jeaqueline one of the Gisagara district frequent visitors says “it is a good move for Gisagara district to have the guest house especially since one could not find a decent place to have a meal let alone to spend a pleasant night.”

Innocent Mvukiyehe the executive secretary of Gisagara district says this Guest House will be of great service to the people of Gisagara district, its visitors and tourists that find this district fascinating.

This Guest House will also generate the income for the development of the district especially through retaining the money that was used for reception of the district visitors in other districts.

With the construction of the Guest House almost over, the tender for the operations of this Guest house has been set and the winning contractor will take over the Guest house and start operating in about a month’s time.

The Guest House will have 40 rooms and a conference room that can accommodate about 70 people.



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