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m_Fresh food prices go down

Fresh food products including bananas, beans, and potatoes, vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and onions have become more affordable in Kigali markets after a huge price rise that was witnessed in the past few months.

According to a mini-survey carried out by our reporter at Kimironko market in Gasabo district fresh beans are sold at Rwf700 a kilogram, the bananas are sold at Rwf150 per kilogram compared to Rwf250 selling price last month.

Some commodities saw a rise in prices while others remain unchanged like Tanzanian rice still at Rwf1000 per Kilogram, Pakistan Rice at Rwf700 per kilogram and sugar at Rwf700 per kilogram.

m_A kilogram of mangoes goes for Rwf2500 which is still expensive

A kilogram of mangoes goes for Rwf2500 which is still expensive

A big bucket of tomatoes goes for Rwf2500 and a small one for Rwf600.

Most vegetables have their prices reduced their prices and some kinds of fruits are still unchanged their prices and others are even higher. With mangoes going for Rwf2500 per kilogram, sweet bananas for Rwf1000 and passion fruits at Rwf1200 per kilogram.

 “The market is stabilizing and one has a variety of fresh goods to select from and shopping is becoming better, the decline of prices traders attributes it to the increase in supply,” explains Jean D’ Arc Muberarugo, a market vendor at Kimironko.

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