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New Fiesta is a kind of place ideal to eat from during the lunch time rush hour. It’s also a good stop-over if you want to grab a quick bite, or rest while you take something cold to quench your thirst.

New Fiesta is strategically located in the heart of Kisementi area, the place is loved by good food lovers and foreigners who like the taste of their own food in Rwanda.

Since the eatery does not provide buffets like most restaurants in town, you have to order and wait for your order to arrive.

Quesadilla meal is Mexican and loved by many foreigners in the country

Quesadilla meal is Mexican and loved by many foreigners in the country

While waiting for your order, New Fiesta provides chips and salsa as starters for free to the customers waiting for their orders.

While enjoying the free starters, one gets to peruse through their rich menu that is topped up with new dishes every other day.

Hard tacos are enjoyed by many especially local Rwandans

Hard tacos are enjoyed by many especially local Rwandans

Most of the dishes on the menu are Mexican and American, Asian and mostly Rwandan.

Some dishes can only be found in New Fiesta in the country a reason why many foreigners keep coming back to this place. Such dishes include Quesadilla (a Mexican dish), hard and soft Taco salads that are loved by many.

Tacos salads are customers’ delight

Tacos salads are customers’ delight

While he is the owner of the Eatery and always part of the team, Abdul Nyonga has taken different courses in food industry and delights in creating new menus to the customers’ satisfaction.

“New Fiesta has been in place for six years and it derives its name from La Fiesta Restaurant in Kimihurura, the restaurant I owned before selling it off after my Mexican partners left the country. Fiesta means to party,” explains Nyonga the owner.

New Fiesta has regular clientele ranging from 25 to 40 daily.

The soft tacos meal

The soft tacos meal

The prices are affordable compared to other fancy eateries. The Fiesta steak fillet and chicken breasts goes for Rwf4500, Creole rice goes for Rwf2000 and Fiesta cocktail juice is Rwf2500.

After having your meal, a person is required to hit the drum to signify you liked the food or were satisfied. To satisfy the love of the grilled chicken of New Fiesta loved by many, Fiesta boss plans to open up a new place for grilled chicken alone soon.

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