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Oranges are among the most valuable food crops especially fruits in Rwanda, they are suitable for everyone; both young and old and are known as the best fruits to treat diseases and most importantly, they slow down the aging process.

Oranges are much more than the best source of Vitamin C; they are major sources of calcium, phosphorous, potassium, citrus acid, beta-carotene, aldehyde and compounds of alcohol ENE group.

Oranges are rich in flavonoids, Hesperetin and Narigenin are other essential components in oranges. Narigenin is a bio-active compound that acts as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune system modulator.

These antioxidants neutralize the effects of free radicals and unstable oxygen molecules in the body. This helps in slowing the aging process and gives you a younger looking skin.

Oranges are also rich in Vitamin A and other flavonoids and antioxidants like alpha and beta carotenes, beta-cryptoxanthin which help in curbing diseases by increasing the immunity level of the body.

Oranges are very rich in Vitamin ‘A’ which are very good in maintaining a healthy mucus membrane and skin and Vitamin A is also one of the most important vitamins to maintain a proper eye sight.

Oranges are the best sources of fiber and these little marvels of nature are fat-free, sodium free and cholesterol free.

Oranges are rich in pectin which is very effective for people who are overweight. Pectin protects the mucous membrane of the colon by decreasing its exposure period to toxic substances.

It also binds itself to cancer causing chemicals in the intestine, thus reducing the chances of cancer. Cholesterol levels in the blood are also reduced if the pectin level in the body lowers. Pectin decreases the re-absorption process in the intestine by binding to bile acids.

Orange juice helps in absorption of medicines by the body, thus helping in the biochemical and physiological effects of the medicine. There are many reasons to why one has to indulge in oranges which are available in all supermarkets and local markets.



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