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If you are to go shopping for groceries, the following tips can alert you on how to save some big a mount off the grocery bills. Are you ready to start trimming the fat off your food bills and stop shopping for the things you will find not important later in the day?

A Little Homework; do some planning before you head off to the supermarket or to the market will help you shop more economically. Take the time to do a quick thinking of your kitchen to determine the food that you need and prepare your shopping list.

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Choose the Right Store or place to shop; For basic grocery needs you may need to go to super markets. However, when buying in bulk you may want to go to the markets for fresh and low priced stuffs. Markets like Mulindi market on an early Sunday morning can get you a deal of what you need.

Eat first before going to shop; Grocery stores know the power of the sweet smell of freshly baked bread. Just one sniff will ignite the appetite and send even the most hardened shopper down the aisle grabbing for anything that looks good. Remember, everything looks good when our stomachs are screaming, “feed me!”

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Setting Limits on Impulse Buying; Avoid spontaneous shopping trips and impulse buying and sticking to a well thought-out shopping list will help you cut down on grabbing for things that you do not need.

In addition, giving yourself enough time to shop will help prevent dashing in and reaching for the first item that you come to. Setting aside the amount of money limit for impulse buying will help soothe cravings without busting the budget.

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Comparison Shopping; Taking a moment to compare different prices on the in similar products you intend to buy will help you get the best value for your money. Also, be certain to check ‘expiration’ and ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates to insure you are buying the freshest products.

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Learn to Be a Label Reader; Reading the product label is the best way to find out more than what is advertised on the box. Ingredients are listed in order by the quantity actually used when making the product. If you are looking to cut fat from your diet, be careful of words such as “lite” or “fat-free” which can have broad definitions. By reading the label you can get a better idea of what the fat-to-calorie ratio is as well as other valuable nutritional information.

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Watch the Scanner; it may mean you need to put down the magazine or stop talking to the cell phone because this is no place to get lax. Keeping your eyes peeled to the cashier has advantages. First, it will keep the cashier more alert. Secondly, it will allow you to stop the checkout process if an item is showing the incorrect price. Be sure that you’re paying what you intended.


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