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Taskforce reveals

On January 11, the taskforce conducted an inspection in places such as hotels, supermarkets and banks to evaluate the customer care and service delivery.

The inspection which reviewed that more than 20 hotels in Kigali do not meet the required standards, follows the urge from Rwanda’s prime Minister Pierre Damien Habumuremyi, this January 3, 2012 on service standards Improvement in hotels and other institutions that are service oriented in the country.

According to the taskforce chairperson Jean d’Amour Gatera, the inspection that started last Friday found that some hotels, supermarkets and banks in Kigali still had poor services.

Gatera explained that many places have been asked to improve their services and we expect that by the time we return to those places that are still lagging behind, they would have improved.

Following the highlighted concerns, we found that some supermarkets had expired products and some hotels still have poor service and poor customer care.

He however observed that, some hospitals had improved services and customer care.


“At a prominent hospital in Kigali, although service and hygiene had improved, the healthcare provider has appointment backlog, many patients have not seen their doctors. People are being given appointments for April next year, how can a patient wait for that long.”

He said they advised the hospital to clear off the backlog and put mechanisms in place to improve this situation.

The two week—long inspection is still ongoing in various places including public and private business entities across the country.



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