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Shopping for groceries can be a bit hectic especially when your shopping destination is our local markets with a lot of people like Kimironko Market in Gasabo district.

With a lot of goods on display that you would like in your fridge, and the constraint of cash in your wallet, you will need to have a plan before you set off to the market.

Here’s how to spend smart in order and keep on budget.

m_Tips for grocery shopping on a budget

Always go with a list. Prepare a list of everything you need, pulling from your weekly menu, make sure you’re not forgetting anything and stick to that list.

Plan out a weekly menu; This is the best way to ensure that your list is complete, and that you have enough to serve your family dinner for the week.

Have a budget. Know exactly how much you want to spend before you go shopping. Then try your best to stick within that limit. If you don’t know how much you can spend, you’ll certainly spend too much. When you see you’re going above it, decide whether you really need that product.

Keep a list and write things down immediately. When you run out of something, don’t leave it to your memory. Jot it down immediatelywhen you’re running low. Don’t wait until you run out, and you’ll never have to run back to the store because you don’t have eggs.

Don’t go when you’re hungry. This is a common tip, but it’s true: when you’re hungry, you want to buy all kinds of junk. You’ll end up spending a lot more. Eat a good meal first, and you’ll be more likely to stick to your list.

Buy in bulk when it makes sense. If you can save money, over the course of a month or two, by buying in bulk, plan to do so. But be sure that you’re going to use all of it before it gets bad.

Always have batteries, toilet tissue and light bulbs; and other necessities that you always seem to run out of and buy in bulk. Be sure to check to see if you have these items before you go to the store.

m_Tips for grocery shopping on a budget2

Cut back on your “one-item” trips. They most inevitably make you buy more than one item. For better planning plan ahead, make a weekly menu, and shop with a list, this should drastically reduce the number of trips you make for a small number of items.

Plan one big trip a month for bulk staples. Like rice, oil, flour that will last you in a month and buy other necessities like vegetables, meat and fruits weekly.

Use everything possible. Got a bunch of leftover ingredients (half an onion, a bit of tomato, some pasta, a few other veggies?) … combine them for a quick meal, so that these don’t go to waste before your next grocery trip. The more you can stretch the food, and the less you waste, the less you’ll spend in the long run.

Drink water. If you regularly drink iced tea, Tang, sodas or other types of drinks, cut those out completely and just drink water. It’s much better for you, and much cheaper.

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